Série Voyages : La Guadeloupe avec Mel Fortin !

Travel Series: Guadeloupe with Mel Fortin!

We are starting this new series with Mélanie Fortin, friend of the store and brand ambassador for Duotone. She returns from Guadeloupe with lots of information and advice on this...
April 15, 2024 — Jean Lussier
Quoi de neuf en 2024 ? PARTIE 1 : DUOTONE

What's new in 2024? PART 1: DUOTONE

Discover the new 2024 products from Duotone!
April 09, 2024 — Jean Lussier
Duotone Evo VS North Reach : Comparaison de nos meilleurs vendeurs

Duotone Evo VS North Reach: Comparison of our best sellers

Which one suits your style best?
Find out here!
February 26, 2024 — Jean Lussier
KAWA Décollage - TEST : La planche de wingfoil pour les conditions du Québec

KAWA Décollage - TEST: The wingfoil board for Quebec conditions

Do you plan to try wingfoiling in 2024?
The positives and challenges of practicing this sport in Quebec &
Introducing our brand new KAWA-Décollage board!

February 12, 2024 — Jean Lussier
Les sessions en eaux froides, c'est mieux ! ( Guide pour acheter ton prochain wetsuit)

Cold water sessions are just better! (Guide to buying your next wetsuit)

Some things to think about when shopping for your next wetsuit...
January 26, 2024 — Jean Lussier
Wing sur patins : Du "foil" en hiver !

Winging on skates: Like Foiling in Winter!

Recap of a dreamy winter session with wings and skates + Tests and reviews of many 2023-2024 wing models !
January 09, 2024 — Jean Lussier
KT Surfing Trickster

KT Surfing Trickster - TEST: Small board, Big Fun!

The arrival of KT Surfing at 30 Noeuds allowed us to test a range of new kitefoil, kitesurf and wingfoil boards. Here is our first report from a fall session...
December 21, 2023 — Jean Lussier
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