Terms and Conditions – Consignment Service

By using the consignment services provided by the 30 Noeuds store, the customer affirms that he is aware of and agrees with the following articles:

Principle of consignment sales
The customer-seller brings his equipment to the store so that it can be evaluated and registered in his name. When selling a used item, a credit in the amount of the price sold will be applied to the customer-seller's account. 30 Noeuds does not buy any equipment with the aim of reselling it.

Commission 30 Noeuds
30 Noeuds reserves itself a commission of 10% on the amount credited in the account of a customer-seller. This commission will be withdrawn from the account as the customer-seller uses his credit for in-store purchases. 

Credit usage
It will be impossible for a customer-seller to withdraw the amount from their account in cash. The only way to use your consignment credit will be through purchases of items (new or used) at the 30 Nœuds store. As the credit belongs to the customer, there is no time limit for using this credit. This credit will also be applicable on purchases made by an individual other than the customer-seller with authorization from the latter.

Agreed selling price
The selling price of the equipment is left to the discretion of the customer-seller. 30 Noeuds, however, reserves a negotiation margin of 10% of the price established by the customer-seller.

The customer takes back his equipment
In the event that a customer-seller takes back equipment that has not been sold, a fee of $25 (Kite or Wing) or $15 (other products) will be billed for processing and registering the equipment. 

Right of Refusal
30 Noeuds reserves the right to refuse any item that is deemed undesirable for consignment sale.

Product testing
Any consignment product sold by 30 Noeuds will have been inspected and tested (Ex: Air retention test for inflatable objects). If 30 Noeuds concludes that the product in question is not suitable for sale as is, the item will be put aside and 30 Noeuds will inform its owner. In the event that 30 Noeuds must repair the product, the repair costs must be paid by its owner before the product is put on sale.

Item Condition
Although 30 Noeuds inspects each item before displaying it, the sale of any used item carries no guarantee. The buyer has 7 days to inspect and return their item in case the item does not suit them. No returns will be accepted once this deadline has passed.

Shipping of used packages
Any shipment of used items is billable. 30 Noeuds does not offer any free shipping when it comes to the purchase of used items. Our regular shipping policy (new products) does not apply to products sold on consignment. The buyer of used products wishing to receive the items by shipment must contact 30 Noeuds directly in order to obtain a shipping quote which will be invoiced with the price of the item. 



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