We are starting this new series with Mélanie Fortin, friend of the store and brand ambassador for Duotone. She returns from Guadeloupe with lots of information and advice on this little corner of Caribbean paradise!



Guadeloupe, or as the locals say, Gwada, is a Caribbean archipelago made up of seven islands and is a French department. The majority of kitesurfing spots are on the island of Grande-Terre, the right wing of its butterfly shape, where the most beautiful beaches are located. The charms of Guadeloupe draw their source from an amalgamation of French and Creole traditions.

Just a 5-hour direct flight from Montreal, Guadeloupe is a destination that seems less well-known among Quebec kiters. Being curious to discover a new place to practice my passion, kitesurfing, I told myself that a trip to Pointe-à-Pitre would be in order. I was simply amazed by the terrestrial and oceanic beauty of this archipelago.

The windy period is from December to June. According to statistics, the windiest months are January, February and March. I was there in January and Éole was present every day. I used sail sizes between 8 and 11 m2 with a surfboard, twintip or foil board. The wingfoil wings presented on the water were between 4 and 6 m2. The trade winds blow at around 10 to 20 knots with a dominant easterly direction. The wind sometimes has a northerly direction (ENE) which makes the spots on the south coast of the island super gusty or impassable. The ambient temperature is on average 27 degrees Celsius, day and night. Good news, for navigation, neoprene remains in Quebec. It rained a few times but very briefly. As a result, the vegetation is lush green.

The town of Ste-Anne, where I stayed in a rented house, is the central point of places to sail. Renting a vehicle is essential if you want to explore various bodies of water. If you are looking for an all-inclusive with its take-off zone, Club Med La Caravelle seems to be the only option. The sport is well known in this corner of the country, so much so that road signs point us in the direction of the spots.


The Ste-Anne spot, also called La Caravelle beach , is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe according to many. If you are staying at Club Med, in just a few steps you will have access to the facilities of the Fun Kite Academy school. If you go by car, you will have to walk 5 to 10 minutes on a small, easily accessible path. The take-off area is on a public beach which is shared with that of Club Med. The beach is very small and there are several palm trees. The body of water is flat. Offshore there is a coral reef allowing surfing and kitesurfing. The instructors at the Fun Kite Academy school give valuable advice related to the body of water, showing you the shallows, areas of corals and waves.

GPS point: 16.219283223733864, -61.394315276143125

THE spot for all levels and variety of water is Anse du Belley , in Bois Jolan. At the exit of the town of Ste-Anne, heading east, there is a bumpy dirt road that takes you to the parking lot. The Sainte-Anne Kitesurf School offers kitesurfing and wingfoil lessons in addition to the equipment rental service. A few steps from the car, a large grassy area allows you to inflate your sails and unfurl your lines. The beach is large and safe. One of the worst scenarios is to end up in the “stupid” pool, as the French say. The water allows you to navigate in flat, choppy and wave conditions. On the water are twintip boards, surfboards, kitefoil and wingfoil boards. To get to the waves, which are smooth and 1.5m to 2m high, you have to have the courage to face a coral reef which, at low tide, ensures that the seabed is close to the fins. This area is only a few meters. Anse du Belley is without a doubt my favorite place to sail in Guadeloupe. Please note that on site, there are no toilets, no shaded area and no food or drinks for sale. So you have to plan the day.

GPS point: 16.23261988248592, -61.370401413614026

Plage des Salines is the ideal place for kite foil and wingfoil masts due to the depth of the water over a large area. It also allows twintips and surfing conditions. A spot of waves and swells are located offshore to the right when looking at the water. You have to drive about 30 minutes, depending on traffic, west of Sainte-Anne to get there. Parking is located at the edge of the beach. You have to be wary of the coconut trees when taking off.

GPS point: 16.206672305815186, -61.44270976837388

The spot of Saint-François, a town east of Sainte-Anne, is wingfoil territory. I didn't see any kites at this location probably because the takeoff would be really difficult. It is possible to park in the streets near the old Meridien. Access is close to the port. An area of ​​grass and a small descent into the water allows you to be comfortable with the wingfoil equipment. A beach located right next to the fishing port is also accessible for wingfoiling. The water was flat and offshore, people were dancing in the swell, letting their sails fall behind them.


GPS point: 16.2505699194124, -61.26598776226034

An expedition to Ilet Blanc is worth the detour and is one of the only places to sail when the wind veers north. This small sandbank lost in the middle of the sea offers a unique experience. The port of Ste-Rose is located in Basse-Terre, the left wing of the butterfly, and is approximately 1h30 minutes drive from Sainte-Anne. From this port, a fisherman will be your water taxi driver. I recommend Charlie who is super friendly and punctual. You tell him the return time and he will pick you up after spending a few hours of happiness in the middle of nowhere. Once on the Islet, watch your toes because dozens of “Hermit Crabs” are running everywhere. The water is flat so twintip lovers are well served. Ilet Caret, a little further than the White Islet, is a place listed on the web. Find out carefully once at the port of Ste-Rose because the government has closed the Caret islet for a certain time, to allow the vegetation to regain strength.

GPS point for the boat taxi: 16.334850821211717, -61.69603207149582

Ilet Blanc GPS point: 16.348023754777756, -61.687847955634766

Le Moule is a big wave spot for experienced people and is a good solution when the wind is too north. There is a public car park near the beach. The take-off zone is very small, the current is very strong and coral spots can hurt your fins. A windsurfing school is on site. I saw only one person on the water on a day with 25 knots of wind.

GPS point: 16.333623723589053, -61.3344542674654

Here is a table summarizing the different spots:







(Anse De Belley)

Road sign indicating the spot


(side shore)


*Great waves at the reef

(be careful at low tide)

*Possible to “foil”

but limited space

*THE Spot (my favorite)

*All levels

*Easy takeoff

*Installation on lawn

*Ste-Anne Kitesurf School

*No toilet

*In broad daylight. No shade except at the kite club.

*Parking on site


Caravelle (Club Med)


*Flat and choppy

*Waves at the reef

*Open to the public

*Very small beach

*Palm trees at takeoff

*Fun Kite Academy School

*Parking a few minutes walk from the beach.





*Waves at the reef

*Foil (one of the rare foil spots)

*For all preferences

*Palm trees taking off from the beach. Shallow water on the edge so possible to take off in the water.

*Beach with palm trees and shade (hammock possible)

*Turquoise water

*Parking on site.

*Great for foiling.


Is only




*Very difficult in kite

*Great for the wing

*Lawn area

*Parking on the streets a few minutes from the spot.





*Most beautiful spot

*Not on weekends

*By boat from the port of Morne Rouge with kite school or fisherman.

*One day shipping

*If north enough: from Morne Rouge by kite

*Inform if possible where to go (sometimes closed to protect the islet and/or turtles)


Northeast (strong wind)

*Big waves

*Coral reef

*When the southern spots don't work


*Coral to watch out for

*Advanced level

*Parking in a park

*Not very wide range.

*Palm trees

*Windsurfing school.





*Great spot


*By boat (10 minutes for 10 Euros per person) from the port of Ste-Rose with fisherman (Charlie). Give appointment time for return.

*Secret Spot

*Full sun

*Alone on an island


Besides water sports, Guadeloupe has a lot to offer. French and Creole-influenced gastronomy is varied and delicious. From the “bokit”, the essential traditional sandwich, sold during a visit to a food truck, to the 5-course meal in high-end restaurants, the appetite is satisfied. The bakeries and pastries crossed on the road in several places allow you to buy the famous French baguette bread and pain au chocolat. For shopping, “Leader Price” is a supermarket offering a wide range of food products. There is one when you arrive at St-François. In each town, along the streets, there are markets for fruit and vegetables and local products (vanilla, coconut oil, rum, cane sugar, jams, etc.). For lovers of fresh fish, find out where to find the fishermen, on what day of the week and at what time of the morning.

Who says Guadeloupe says “Ti-Punch” and Rum. The Ti-Punch (white rum, cane sugar and lime) is the traditional cocktail. As soon as you exit the airport, a Ti-Punch bar welcomes you. I highly suggest taking a few hours out of your trip to visit a craft rum distillery. The Gwadinina distillery, a family business created in 2002, is worth a guided tour with tasting which gives good explanations on the cultivation of sugar cane and its transformation into alcohol. On sale in supermarkets, on the side of the street or in convenience stores, rum arrangé, a cocktail served as an aperitif or digestive, stimulates the senses.

There is plenty to wear out your shoe soles during a visit to Guadeloupe. Soufrière National Park is spectacular. La Soufrière, the highest point in the Lesser Antilles at 1467m, is an active volcano. Several kilometers of hiking are listed. Falls, cascades, natural spas, volcanic scenery, canyoning and more can be found at this location on Basse Terre Island, the left wing of the butterfly. If you want to walk somewhere flatter, the artisan markets of Ste-Anne and Saint-François offer a unique local experience where you can buy spices, vanilla, arranged rums, takeaway meals, artisan jewelry, clothing etc. A getaway to Pointe des Châteaux is worth the detour with its landscapes of cliffs and seaside.

This destination was definitely a favorite. The people are friendly and welcoming. The cleanliness is remarkable. In several places there are signs saying: ''Guadeloupe is too beautiful to be trash''. At all times I felt safe, no houses with barbed wire fences, no guard dogs. Driving was easy, even during rush hour. No horn sounds were heard…different from many other islands I have visited. On kite spots, no fear of having equipment stolen. The gastronomy was varied and delicious. It is recommended to drink bottled water. Surprisingly, no mosquito repellent was used. The currency used is the Euro.

I will definitely return to Guadeloupe to kitesurf and explore this diverse country. Having visited more than a dozen Caribbean islands, this one goes to the top of my southern travel list. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

See you soon,


April 15, 2024 — Jean Lussier


Mélanie Fortin said:

@Annie et @Monik, le coût pour se genre de voyage à la carte peut varier énormément selon l’hébergement (chambre ou condo ou maison, bord de l’eau ou campagne, plusieurs personnes ou à 2) et le prix du billet d’avion qui est imprévisible et de la nourriture (restos souvent ou faire ses repas). Le mieux est de faire une simulation suite à vos recherches selon vos besoins. Hébergement: Air BnB ou VRBO. Location d’auto: auto-discount.fr. Le prix de l’épicerie ressemble à ici MAIS en Euros…$$ Vous pouvez m’écrire en privé si vous avez d’autres questions.

Pilou said:

Tu as raison que du bonheur deux mois sur place sympa et les locaux trop cool très bonne ambiance en wing pour ma part salut et très bon article 🤙💪😘

Annie Lavoie said:

Bonjour Mel!
J’aimerais avoir une idée de coût pout ce genre de voyage. À quel endroit il faut voir pour louer une maison et une voiture.
Merci beaucoup!

Monik said:

Les coûts de la vie c est comment ? La location de maison ? La location de voiture?

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