The month of April has just arrived and many of you have already started your preparation for what promises to be an early season!

We thought it would be appropriate to provide you with a little update on the release of new products/concepts/ideas from your favorite brands for the year 2024.

A new range of products for the environment

Industry leaders present a brand new construction range called “Concept Blue”. Stemming from their international “Save our Playgrounds” campaign, the aim of this initiative is to create products with a reduced environmental footprint.

For the first year of the project, we are seeing the Slick Concept Blue, Evo Concept Blue, Neo Concept Blue, the Select and Soleil Concept Blue twintips as well as the Volt SLS Concept Blue surfboard appear.


Evo SLS 2024 : A new fabric and a reduced diameter leading edge

The industry leader in freeride performance returns this year with an improved SLS version! Without getting too technical, here are the new improvements for 2024:

  • New lighter Penta TX fabric used for leading edge and slats
  • Leading edge diameter reduction

What does this mean in terms of performance? The reduced diameter of the leading edge reduces wind resistance (drag) which allows the wing to move more quickly through the wind window and achieve a better upwind angle. We can also expect a better “low-end” as well as a greater rotation speed.

Neo SLS 2024 : Larger ears for improved maneuverability

A favorite for riding waves, the Duotone Neo SLS returns to us in 2024 with the following changes:

  • Wider, straighter slats
  • More square wing tip

These changes accentuate the rotation speed of the kite as well as more progressive power generation. In addition, the border-choker path now allows for a faster loss of power than before. In other words, you won't have to push the bar as far as before to get the same power loss.


Unit & Unit D/LAB 2024: New handle!

Apart from an improvement in the wing design which increases the tension of the canvas, the big advance of the Unit model (Standard and D/LAB) is the modification of the front handle and the central slat.

Indeed, the front handle is now considerably longer, allowing one-handed control of the wing and better amplitude of the border-shock.

In addition, the central slat now has an angled shape, which makes pronation much more comfortable.

Ventis & Ventis D/LAB 2025: A modified structure (Yes, the last iteration is already in 2025...)

The Duotone wing dedicated to light wind is undergoing a fairly considerable structural change. In fact, the 2 side slats which were previously very close to the leading edge are now moved halfway between the end of the leading edge and the central slat. This change has the effect of bringing much more stability to the wing.

Also, the wing tips have been reduced, which makes it easier to avoid catching the tip of the wing in the water.

Downwinder SLS : The revolution of downwind boards adapted to wingfoil

It was only a matter of time before the big brands in the industry got involved! The Downwinder SLS board is not only your weapon of choice for downwinds in SUPfoil, but also for enjoying light wind days in wingfoil. Using this board, the average rider can expect to reduce their lower wind limit by 3-5 knots. Very impressive.

Hydrofoil: An improved program

Lots and lots of new hydrofoil features for Duotone in 2024! The complete collection has been expanded/revamped. So here's what's important to remember:

- Duotone now offers wing options ranging from 500cm square up to 2400cm square! Your Duotone hydrofoil is therefore compatible for practicing kitefoil as well as wingfoil and all kinds of other disciplines involving a hydrofoil.

- Duotone offers the Standard (Aluminum), SLS and D/LAB range for masts, fuselages as well as front and rear wing assemblies. The compatibility of parts between these 3 grades of materials is indicated in the description of each piece. Contact us if necessary if you are unsure of the arrangement of the components of your hydrofoil.

In short

Here are the new 2024 products from Duotone which we believe will excite the Canadian market the most! However, if you want to have more information on other new features that have not been mentioned in this text (we couldn't include everything!), call us at 450-671-5650 and we will be happy to help you talk about it.

April 09, 2024 — Jean Lussier

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