In this blog, we compare the two kite models that we sold the most in 2023: the Duotone Evo and the North Reach.

  • Presentation of the two models
  • The points where they are similar
  • Where they differ

Duotone Evo

The Evo was launched in 2008 under the defunct North Kiteboarding banner (now Duotone) with a super “low aspect” wing shape with 5 struts and a design that is inspired by the Delta Shape. We are very far from today's Evo!

North Evo 2008

The initial idea behind the Evo was to offer the general public a kite that was easy to control and whose versatility would allow it to excel in several types of disciplines. Since the beginning, its behavior has always been marked by bar pressure as well as sustained power in low wind ranges.

Sixteen years later, the Duotone Evo is the best-selling kite on the planet and excels both at the highest professional levels (2022 and 2023 King of The Air Champion) and in the hands of everyday riders.

Nowadays, the Evo 2024 has a mid-to-high-aspect shape with 3 struts and whose bridle without pulleys gives a more direct feeling.

An additional positive point is that this kite is currently offered in three different grades of materials: Standard, SLS (Stronger, Lighter, Superior) and D/LAB. These grades vary in weight and stiffness, greatly influencing the performance of the kite.

Duotone Evo D/Lab 2023

Although the kite has continued to evolve over the years, the idea behind the Duotone Evo remains the same: to offer a powerful, stable, simple kite that will allow you to perform at the highest levels in every disciplines.

North Reach

The North Reach is a kite whose first iteration is much more recent. Its launch took place in 2020! That being said, it wasted no time in becoming popular with the general public.

The idea behind this kite is to answer the following question:

“If you only had one kite to use on a desert island with every condition imaginable (waves, flats, strong winds, light winds, etc.), what would that model look like? »

North Reach 2024

This kite never ceases to impress us. We have taught with the North Reach for 2 years now and its ease of relaunch is disarming. Its lightness in the air allows us to use it under 10 knots in kitefoiling and it offers impressive performance when the wind picks up for boosting or riding waves. What a machine!

Now in its 4th iteration, the North Reach 2024 is a mid-aspect hybrid kite with 3 struts and bridles without pulleys.

On the fabric side, there is only one option: The leading edge and the struts are made of N-Max fabric (high-end fabric close to Duotone's SLS grade) and the fabric used for the canopy is comparable to industry standards.

North Reach 2024 Red Blue and Yellow

Points where kites are similar


Both the Duotone Evo and the North Reach can be described as Freeride or All-Around kites. The key word for their use is “versatility”. These two can help a rider progress in twintip, surfing or even hydrofoiling.

Product performance and quality

These are both high performance kites as their designs are optimized and balanced. These two models come from the two biggest brands in the industry and they currently have few equals in the market in terms of product design, attention to detail and overall quality.


Where kites differ

Here are the subtleties that separate the Duotone Evo from the North Reach and that will ultimately allow you to choose between the two.


Thanks to its more elongated shape (high aspect ratio), the Duotone Evo will jump higher and further than the North Reach. The Evo will also have more lift in aerial transitions and tricks such as dark slides, pelican rolls and other variations of the genre. When it comes to all things Big Air, the Duotone Evo will win.

Rotation speed

The North Reach turns a little quicker than the Duotone Evo. Also, the North Reach generates power very constantly when it rotates on itself (Ex: During downloop transitions). The Duotone Evo, on the other hand, will generate more power coming out of the transition.

As for Kiteloops, both wings are excellent, but you have to understand that the Evo pulls a little more than the Reach because of its greater arc of rotation. It is important that you be aware of this before pulling the trigger on your first kiteloop with this one !


When we talk about drift, we refer to the ability of the kite to drift when the rider accelerates in the same direction as the wind. Whether surfing a wave or performing a hydrofoil jibe, some kites find it easier than others to perform such manoeuvre.

The North Reach drifts more easily than the Duotone Evo. The Reach's ability to drift and turn more quickly makes this kite a slightly more suitable option for your hydrofoil or wave surfing sessions.


When it comes to the power that can be generated by the wing, both models have no shortage of it. These are both good options to consider for marginal winds while using both twintip or hydrofoil. If we had to choose between the two, however, we would say that the Duotone Evo will offer a little more power in the low range than the North Reach.

Bar pressure

Neither kite is in the extremes, but it is clear that you will feel a tad more feedback with the Evo than with the Reach.

Types of materials offered

As mentioned above, the North Reach is only offered in one version of materials and fabrics while the Duotone Evo is offered in three different versions (Standard, SLS and D/LAB).

Please note that the North Reach 2024 version is closest to the SLS version of the Duotone Evo.

It is therefore important to understand that a Duotone Evo D/LAB is in a class of its own in terms of performance (and price).

In summary, these are two high performance kites that will help you progress on a twintip as well as on a surfboard or foil board.

The design of the North Reach is oriented a little more towards surfing and foiling while that of the Duotone Evo will maximize your jumps.

Here is our review of our two best sellers of recent years.

Questions ?

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February 26, 2024 — Jean Lussier


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