Surf - Trainer Single

By Goya

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Surf - Trainer Single - 100L / Unicolor is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Surf is a board that will accompany you during your first steps in windsurfing, and to which you will keep coming back, even after having mastered all the basics.

Surfing guarantees everyone a quick and pleasant introduction to Windsurfing. The larger sizes feature a fully retractable Allgaier ® fin for maximum stability, while the smaller sizes feature a normal anti-drift center fin for further learning.

The Surf presents a complete range of beginner boards and the 260 is one of the largest beginner boards on the market. This introductory board meets the requirements of schools, as well as the needs of families.

The Surf has an extra thick EVA deck, ensuring the good health of your knees and the board over several seasons. The larger sizes feature EVA rails, while the smaller sizes feature clear, non-EVA rails.

All sizes have an integrated nose guard and color-coded graphic on the deck, with demarcated pad grooves and EVA density zones suited to different rider levels.

The Surf comes with several straps, an integrated nose handle and an additional handle on the tail.

The new 190 and 220 liter sizes are shorter, more compact and more stable thanks to a shorter front rocker.

Nucleus of fused cells. Goya boards come with an EPS fused cell core. Fused cell expanded polystyrene is a high quality, lightweight, closed cell rigid foam used in the production of advanced modern boards.

Wooden sandwich. Wood in combination with fiberglass can withstand heavy impacts over a long period of time, for example in school or board rental scenarios. Plus, it creates a very affordable build.

Sandwich Wood Construction.

Organic resin.

Available in 100, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220, 260 liters.

Simple Rear Powerbox Housing & Powerbox Stability Center Fin Housing (Small Sizes).

Simple Powerbox case at the rear & Allgaier ® central fin (large sizes)

Indoor or outdoor footstrap options.

Available in Light Gray & Bright Blue.

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