One 3 - Freewave Thruster

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By Goya

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Wave Outline, Slalom Rocker, Freeride Comfort. Among all these advantages, the One 3 Carbon is 100% dedicated. No compromise. The all-new shape combines explosive speed, a wide range of use and ultimate comfort.

The new One 3 Carbon shapes are more stable and faster, with a more rounded deck underfoot and less forward towards the mast foot rail.

Ride it with the centered straps or the eccentric straps, as a single fin or as a thruster, it is ready to adapt to you and to all conditions.

The fluidity of the new rails and deck improves the agility and comfort of the board on the longest edges in chop, while the new outline improves stability and planing departure. Our fastest rockers encourage the One to plane early and reach greater speeds with minimal effort. All board sizes come with Mini Tuttle boxes on the sides and a central Power Box for their light weight, ease of use and compatibility with larger fin sizes.

New small size 77 liters: With a narrower stance option, it is also suitable for smaller riders and windier conditions. Option of single or double straps at the back.

Medium Sizes 85 & 95 liters: With an option of centered or off-center straps at the front and rear.

Larger sizes and XXL sizes 105 & 115 liters: Just like the 85 & 95 for the inserts, but with additional volume at the feet. The rockers and rails are sharper for larger rider sizes and lighter winds.

Francisco Goya: “I was surprised at how all the raw and pure ingredients merged. The boards were fast and comfortable, and what really amazed me was how much happened in between, how easily these shapes went on the plan, from comfortable riding to fast riding on chop. and the ease with which they jibe, that's where the magic happened, pushing me to stay in the water for one more tack. »

In two years of development, this new range of 5 boards with new shapes extends from 77 to 115 liters, with exceptional construction quality, just like our professional wave range. Bio-resin is used on all Goya boards, and the One is no exception.

We opt for a Power Box central fin box on the One 3 Pro for simplicity and strength. For the ailerons we chose the MFC TF for the 77 & 85 and the FW 95 for the 105 & 115.

This Freewave board pushes for comfort and control and features centered and eccentric inserts.
Double-thickness pads complete the comfort pack.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Protection.

Bio Resin.

Available in 77, 85, 95, 105, 115 liters.

Powerbox central fin box, Slot Boxes 3rd Gen. 10cm on the sides.

Available in Neon Blue & Bright Red.

Full Double High Density Sandwich.

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