ZEPHYR V8 Ultra-X Kite only

By Ozone

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Offering greater range, faster flying speeds and more reactive handling, the all-new Zephyr V8 Ultra-X further proves itself a class leading light wind freeride.

Everything. When we set out to add more performance to the Zephyr, we specifically wanted to make riding in light winds easier for everyone, more fun and something you could do more often.

Light wind specific freeride machine
Huge wind range, 6-20 knots
Now 17% lighter and more responsive with Ultra-X materials
Tight radius turning for reactive, fun sessions
Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds machine for any rider who wants to expand their time on the water, whatever their board of choice. Ultra-X
To squeeze extra performance from a kite in aerodynamically demanding light wind conditions, we didn't just tweak an already evolved, smooth handling design. We first stripped things back to refine the entire airframe. The Zephyr V8 Ultra-X now features more shaping detail that contributes to the cleaner overall sail profile.

The introduction of 'Ultra-X' lightweight materials has seen this powerful 17m kite experience a 17% weight reduction, which is crucial to its undoubtedly more sporty handling.

The V8 now delivers more forward drive and faster response in even lighter winds, while also offering more top end range comfort too, making it a seriously useful addition to your quiver. WHO IS IT FOR?
Anyone who wants to get out on the water more!

The combined advantages of being both lighter in weight and having a cleaner, more taut canopy across its entire profile delivers a sportier and more dynamic handling feel. The V8 flying characteristics are significantly improved throughout.

The aerodynamic shaping upgrades in the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X have already proven to be performance enhancing design features in other kites in the Ozone range.

As featured on the Enduro V4 and Alpha V2, our Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction ensures that, instead of trying to make a curve by joining straight segments with angled joints, each segment of the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X's leading edge is now curved to form a perfectly smooth arc from tip-to-tip.

Working in harmony with the Continuous Curve Leading Edge, Transversal shaping has also been added and is a fundamental part of the elevated performance found in the Enduro V4, Alpha V2, Reo V7 and Edge V12 kites.

These latest design features reduce parasitic drag and create a cleaner surface at the most important area of ​​the airfoil, guaranteeing less turbulent airflow across the canopy, improving the lift to drag ratio and overall performance.

Whether you want to pull into glassy waves in super marginal conditions, enjoy impressive boost with extended, floaty hangtime to help learn new tricks, or simply enjoy the thrill of blasting across any open waters, the Zephyr V8 Ultra-X kicks to the curb any remaining heritage of large, light wind kites feeling overly grunty and heavy.

Delivering the on-demand power of a 17m kite with the responsive handling of a 13m, you'll be impressed by how little physical force is needed to steer the kite through turns whether you're flying the V8 at either its impressive bottom or top end range.

The Ultra-X material placements are once again a fundamental reason why the V8 now feels so alive, even at the extreme edges of the wind window where many of this kite's competitors will start to stall.

The Zephyr V8 Ultra-X drives forward all the time and has less tendency to backstall in really light winds. Rather than relying on pure, brutal grunt, you can use the increased speed and response of the kite to create power at its low end.

Once you're up and planing on your board, the V8 will keep accelerating forward with less lateral pull, allowing you to hold on far more comfortably if the wind picks up, without disturbing your enjoyment of the session.

More responsive kite with more stability, especially in marginal conditions
Lighter handling and bar pressure
Faster airspeed and turning. This 17m feels more like a 13m kite
More forward drive, less tendency to back stall
Smaller packing volume
Better drift and stability over head

Overall, the V8 17m is 17% lighter than the V7
Continuous curved leading edge
Transversal shaping
Ultra-X lightweight, performance materials
Reduced bridle line diameter

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