Nitro 3 Pro - Wave Thruster

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By Goya
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A great, more compact board for soft waves. In other words, you will no longer wait for conditions to improve.

You have seen these compact boards tested by our team for two years already, with a very rear strap, which brought Marcilio to the Sylt final in conditions that were far from ideal. Welcome to the launch of our latest Nitro 3 Pro.

Two years of development led to completely different shapes and a revolutionary compact design with World Cup performance.

FG: Why did it take you so long to put your On-shore / Sylt boards on the market?
MB: I didn't want the other competitors to have it, haha ​​(just kidding)! Seriously, it was something completely different, such commitment and by far the boards we have prototyped the most on in recent years. Before that, we had boards that went very fast but were hard to ride, especially on the front side. I wanted it to be at the top at all levels, efficient at low revs, and to easily allow me to pass the bar and get upwind. So once we had validated the first part, which was mobility and speed, it only needed to be taken out in more decent wave conditions. So I started taking it out to Ho'okipa on light days, that's what took the longest.

FG: What was your goal for this new range?
MB: I wanted something that would allow you to have fun even in the worst conditions. A board that maximizes my performance over a 12-minute heat with small waves and light wind. The goal was therefore to have a fast board, not only in a straight line but also in the middle of a beach break with strong currents, to keep speed during bottom turns on very soft waves while remaining fluid and in balance. making good turns. And for free sailing, a board that will motivate me to stay in the water even when conditions deteriorate.

FG: When did you realize you had accomplished your job?
MB: The latest Nitros have better low-end performance and are faster than any other board I've tried. I was having so much fun in the waves. Especially during the middle of summer in Maui, when the conditions were just horrible. No one was motivated to get in the water except me, I was so excited to go! I was on the water for hours, barely gliding on my 5.3 with hip-sized waves and a side-on shore wind and I was having so much fun. All these days when people dedicated themselves to other disciplines like Wing, Foil etc. I had a blast windsurfing. I just wanted to stay on the water even longer and improve.

Double inserts on the rear strap prevent strap twisting.

It comes with the same signature double-thickness pads as other Goya Windsurfing board ranges.

Approved by the PWA World Tour.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Protection.

Bio Resin.

Available in 89, 98, 106 liters.

US Box 8 inch central enclosure, Slot Boxes 3rd Gen enclosures. 10cm on the sides.

Available in Bright Red & Neon Yellow.

Full Double High Density Sandwich.

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