Foil Wing Set Aero Free WS 2023

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The Aero Free WS is our new wing set for Allround Windsurf Foiling - delivering heaps of performance paired with great stability, playful reactions and low drag!

Our new Aero Free isn’t only a great performance allrounder for wing foiling. Paired with our 215 windsurf back wing and mounted to our 90cm Fuselage it’s a wing that’s favored amongst Windsurf Foilers. With low drag, early lift, exciting speeds with great control and playful turning response this wing set ticks all the boxes for windsurf foiling. Available in all three sizes of 800, 1000 and 1250 there’s the matching Aero Free WS for every rider from lighter winds to higher speeds.

These are our Aero Free WS Wing sets:

• Aero Free 800: 800 front wing / 215 back wing
Fast and agile for all lighter riders and advanced riders loving to go fast
• Aero Free 1000: 1000 front wing / 215 back wing
Offers a great combination of speed, lift and glide covering most rider weights and abilities
• Aero Free 1250: 1250 front wing / 215 back wing
Early take off, great stability and glide through lulls and gybes

The Aero Free WS wings are best matched with our 90cm fuselage and one of the longer masts for best windsurf foiling experience.

Combine the Aero Free WS wings with our AL 3.0 Mast & Fuselage for the best deal of performance, weight and durability:
Our design Team hasn’t only been testing on the water for months, the engineers behind our foils have also been analysing and simulating the forces, speeds and different angles of hydrodynamic flow in key Foiling situations and developed a new mast profile and fuselages with optimized drag behaviour and improved overall trim. The AL 3.0 masts and fuselages have been reduced massively in weight without compromising stiffness and ease of use. Instead, they add playfulness and adjustability for your progression.
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