Carver Jet 2 DEMO

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By Takuma
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The Carver is the best option for those looking for a sporty efoil experience. The emphasis is on carving and tight turns making it the ideal choice for experienced foilers looking to take it to the next level. The gliding experience is very close to a wingfoil/surf-foil board and its performance is limitless. The Carver is the most dynamic efoil on the market, ideal for efoil sports.

Carver 2 board: The first Efoil entirely dedicated to carving. The new compact shape and perfectly balanced volume reduce drag and optimize cornering performance. The carver 2 is light, ultra-responsive, high-performance and provides unrivaled sliding sensations.

Jet: Jet propulsion is the perfect solution to prevent any type of injury, since all moving parts are safely contained within a tube. With thinner, lighter components, the jet design eliminates drag and allows for efficient, aerodynamic flight while providing a natural, ultra-smooth glide. Propeller: Propeller propulsion offers increased torque and power, making take-off easier and instantly controlling acceleration and speed in flight.
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