Carrera Carbon - Freecarve Single

By Goya

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Carrera Carbon - Freecarve Single - 108L is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The lightest Freecarve board. Fuel up in Freeride. The Carrera Carbon range is designed without compromise for Freecarve riders. The Carrera Carbone sailing experience is all about agility and supreme board construction. The new shapes are shorter with a wider tail, but narrower than the Volar Carbone, giving the new Carrera Carbone a wonderful touch of new school single fin feel. It's the perfect board that sits between the One 3 Carbon and the Volar Carbon. A very quick start schedule and an easier jibe than with the previous one.

Our Freecarve boards are slightly narrower than our Freeride boards, designed for more advanced Freeriders who are looking for a board with punch and easy edge grip in curves.

There was a time when only race boards were built like the Carrera Carbone. There is no other Freecarve board built like this even today. We decided to create a Freecarve board with only the best composite products, competition composites with a full carbon deck construction, which brings the ultimate feeling of speed and lightness to a wider audience. A sensation that, until now, only racers could experience.

You can also change the character of these boards by simply adjusting the straps in or out. There is a single back strap option and two double back strap options.

The Carrera Carbone delivers premium performance wherever and whenever you want it. Best matched with a Nexus Freeride, Mark or Mark is just as fun to carve thanks to its speed.

The new shapes increase the range of use and the responsiveness of these boards. Inspired by the success of the Proton Pro, we were able to achieve our objectives by distributing the volume more towards the rear, reducing the overall length, keeping the rails more parallel, further back and above all, by modifying the rocker and the flat zone to adjust the start to the planning and overall control of the board.

The boards take off at the slightest gust and cross the slack winds at full speed. The entire hull sits just on the surface of the water, and from the footstraps you can maintain total control and perfect longitudinal balance. The speed of entry and exit into the jibe has also improved significantly, providing a lot of fun while riding these boards or racing with your friends.

Adjustments were made to find the magic combination of these changes and this resulted in a board range that the whole team is very proud of.

Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Deck.

Bio Resin.

Available in 108, 118, 128 liters.

Interior or exterior strap options.

Available in Bright Blue & Pastel Red.

Full Double High Density Sandwich.

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