Air Pro - Freestyle Single

By Goya
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Ready for big air. All new shapes.

The thick, square tail is the turbo. It gives more support and confidence to engage your figures more quickly, its momentum and pop helps you climb higher, and offers maximum forgiveness in sliding maneuvers.

Riders: Antoine Albert, Yarden Meir, Nicolas Hibdige & Jay Lee.

Antoine Albert presents the new freestyle range approved by the PWA.

Francisco Goya: What triggered the development of these new boards?
Antoine Albert: I wanted to compete with the same board as my favorite prototype. A powerful tail and reduced length for absolute control in aerial tricks or slides.

FG: What challenges did you encounter during development?
AA: The challenge during development was mainly to find the balance between having a very fast and powerful board for light winds and fresh water spots, while still keeping the comfort and control of the board for lighter days. choppy with stronger wind and chop.

FG: What can we expect to see on these new boards?
AA: We took inspiration from the rails and front rocker of the new Nitro. I wanted the ride to be fluid and for the board to easily hug the steeper ramps, without going through, for a good takeoff. The strap gap is tighter, as is the stance which has been reduced for a better connection with the board and to maximize pop. Additionally, the mast foot rail has been moved back to balance these new shapes, features and dimensions.

FG: What's new and how do you differentiate the small sizes from the larger ones?
AA: The new rails provide more lift with added flotation on the rear part of the larger sizes. This emphasizes planning start and acceleration compared to older designs, and everything is more balanced on the smaller sizes to gain control.

FG: How do these boards influence the way you ride?
AA: The faster I go, the easier the maneuvers become. These new shapes give me all the confidence and means necessary to accelerate and launch into my most radical figures.

FG: Can you share some highlights during development.
AA: The entire development took place over two years, so there were a lot of ups and downs. I live in New Caledonia, so it's not very easy to get the new boards. Working with the Goya team is an incredible experience for me, allowing me to travel to all the spots with good conditions and ride with the whole team. From a 50 knots in 3.4 on the street in Hood River to the classic 4.4 conditions of Maui, and in Tarifa in Spain, with a body of water both perfectly flat and very choppy, the board remains at the top.

Approved by the PWA World Tour.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Protection.

Bio Resin.

Available in 84, 89, 99, 109 liters.

Power box case.

Available in Light Gray & Pastel Red.

Full Double High Density Sandwich.

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