Neo SLS 2024

By Duotone
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The new Neo SLS builds on the incredible heritage of previous years and further enhances the rider experience. With the Hybrid Flex Struts, which are now straighter, and the wider, squarer wingtip shape, the focus has been on improving the maneuverability of the wing. The result is a wing with smoother handling, faster steering and a shorter depower stroke, allowing you to unload power instantly. Hybrid Flex Struts are controlled by the ratio of Penta TX and STW70 precisely adjusted to each size. The percentage of flex material in the tip legs decreases as the size increases. The new wingtips open and flex when put under pressure from the rear lines, allowing for super-fast and near-instantaneous initiation into the turn. The legendary wind range remains, with plenty of low-end power letting you get out there whatever the conditions, while the high end lets you stay on the water longer. The Neo SLS features Penta TX and Trinity TX construction, which combines lightweight materials and exceptional durability, resulting in a wing that is significantly lighter than typical constructions. This weight reduction improves the Neo SLS's drift capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly execute your movements on the wave without worrying about the kite. Even when stripped of power and the bar is pushed back, the Neo SLS retains its dynamic handling and steering, allowing you to remain in complete control as you ride the wave. The responsiveness of the wing remains unchanged, providing a smooth experience throughout your session. So that the wing can be versatile and meet the demands of wave riders and strapless freestylers, the Neo SLS offers several adjustments on the tips, which allows you to adapt the performance of the wing to the specific conditions of the daytime. Whether you're indulging in a strapless flatwater freestyle session or playing in the waves, you can tune the kite for maximum pop and powerful loops or fine-tune it for maximum drift and fast spin , depending on your preferences and the nature of the session.

The Neo SLS has long set a standard for performance in the waves, and this year the improved performance takes the kite to new levels, both on the waves and in the air.

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