Dice SLS 2024

By Duotone
SKU: 44240-3012

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The new Dice SLS defines versatility with a more refined feel and improved performance across the range. For 2024, the wing radius arc has been optimized, improving flight characteristics; 5m and 6m have also been added to the range, perfect for lighter riders, loops and navigating waves when it's tough. The kite has been designed for kitesurfers looking to maximize every session, delivering unrivaled performance across a wide range of disciplines. SLS construction significantly reduces overall weight while providing a stiffer airframe that improves maneuvering precision. The Dice SLS's jumping capabilities have also been improved, providing immensely powerful lift when taking off and a massive hang time that will have you soaring through the air. In addition, the feel at the helm is remarkably direct, and the impressive rotation speed of the kite allows you to receive important feedback and maintain total control throughout your navigation.

When it comes to doing loops with the kite, the Dice SLS unleashes a lot of power; This power is easily controlled at the bar, allowing you to do huge mega-loops or smaller, faster curls. The wing's reduced weight also improves its stalling capabilities, allowing it to stay suspended in the air for long periods of time, giving you more time to execute those final freestyle tricks. In the waves, the Dice SLS demonstrates enhanced responsiveness, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the toughest sections and conquer even the most substantial waves. Thanks to its exceptional versatility, the Dice SLS is a fantastic single-wing quiver, which allows you to extract the maximum potential from each session. So, get ready to redefine your kitesurfing experience with the Dice SLS!

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