Downwinder SLS 2024

By Duotone
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Efficiency without compromise! The Downwinder SLS has been completely redesigned and comes in three streamlined, lightweight shapes that take off easily and fly for miles!

One of the first tasks that brothers Finn and Jeffrey Spencer worked on after joining Team Duotone was the redesign of the Downwinder SLS shape. The result is elegant, fast and narrow designs, with an efficient glide that allows you to accelerate in just a few paddle strokes on the slightest swell.

The 2024 range offers three stable and easy boards dedicated to downwind. The 6'10"x20'' (135l.), the 7'2"x21" (115l.) and the 7'8" x 22.5'' (95l.). With a low rocker, stretched outline and cleanly contoured bottom, these boards are incredibly easy to get up to take-off speed.

On the largest models, as soon as the movement is started, the thin pin tails and the strongly beveled rails allow you to push effectively on the surface to pump, take the board off the water and get on the foil.

The rounded rails at the front reduce the risk of snagging and deflection of the board in unwanted directions. It also makes takeoffs and landings forgiving and neutral, so you can focus on the swell and not on steering your board.

Thanks to its incredible glide and dazzling acceleration, the Downwinder SLS is also a real Wing Foil weapon in light wind!

The weight of the float being an essential parameter when taking off the board with an oar, we opted for an uncompromising construction. Built in carbon, ultra light, the Downwinder SLS 2024 must be handled with care.

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