Sky Free 2024

By Duotone
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The Sky Free range is the quintessential range of boards for everyone, from beginners to experienced freeride practitioners!


Building on the success of the Sky Wing range, the Sky Free is offered in numerous sizes (between 95l. and 130l.) and benefits from numerous improvements both in terms of shape and construction.

Its rocker line designed for early planning and its balanced and stable floating character make the Sky Free easy to tame. In large sizes, less experienced riders and even beginners can easily pick up speed and switch to Foil mode. Experienced riders will appreciate the smaller Sky Free models for their capabilities in light wind.

The new moderately beveled rails and a more parallel hull outline reduce drag and allow the board to take off from the water faster and easier.

The lowered deck increases stability and the additional volume at the front helps beginners keep the nose of the board in the air, but also allows more experienced riders to gently land the first jumps.

The Sky Free accompanies you from shadow to light!

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