Sky Free SLS 2024

By Duotone
SKU: 42240-3603

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The Sky Free SLS is a freeride weapon on steroids! Designed to allow you to progress quickly, this board which benefits from an SLS construction will not let you down!


The Sky Free is very popular with ambitious Wing Foilers in light winds. Many intermediate-level riders and experienced heavyweights favor its rocker designed for early planing and easy takeoff, as well as the compact feel and balanced ride it provides.

In 2024, our design team implemented slightly beveled rails, giving the rails more clearance in tight jibes, tacks or carves in small waves. The more parallel outline of the hull from the rear to the middle of the board improves glide and makes pumping, taking off and climbing the Foil even easier. The lowered deck and the large volume at the nose provide great stability during departures, landings or when the board is not in flight.

Both Sky Free SLS models are constructed from high-end, strong, lightweight PVC carbon sandwich, with additional reinforcements at the rails and heels to ensure not only a quick takeoff, but also safe, break-free landings for those who want to push the limits.

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