Sky Style SLS 2024

By Duotone
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The Sky Style range is widely recognized among experienced surfers for its incredible performance in terms of take-off, landing and fun surfing. They are designed to evolve your style!

The Sky Style is one of the most popular shapes when it comes to Wing Foil progression. Our team of designers capitalized on this success and refined the shapes by adding new features as well as an additional size, thus offering an even greater range of use to the new Sky Style SLS range.

Their more pronounced rocker than that of the Sky Free, makes the Sky Style responsive and intuitive to handle thanks to increased leverage on the foil. Extremely balanced, they are fun to use whether on lakes or in waves.

The more raised and voluminous nose provides additional space to prepare for jumps and recover easily, even during nose-forward landings. Thanks to the lowered deck, the start and sinking of the board are incredibly balanced, even when used with a volume less than the weight of the user.

In 2024, the bevels on the rails have been increased and brought back on all Sky Style SLS models, which improves clearance and allows for tighter curves when surfing. By gradually attenuating these bevels at the front and rear, we have straightened the outline of the hull, which allows easier release when pumping and thus improves the glide and the ability to take these boards off the water.

Moved from the Sky Surf range and adapted to the Sky Style SLS range, the 4'5" (45l.) is a cutting-edge machine for lightweight Wing champions.

If you're ready to take it to the next level by downsizing your float and improving your practice, the Sky Style SLS makes it almost too easy!

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