Ventis D/LAB 2024

By Duotone
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Benefiting from the latest innovations in light wind foiling, the Ventis D/LAB guarantees you to be the first on the water. Its new 3-strut design provides ultimate lift and power in light wind conditions.

The 3-slat design appeared with the first inflatable wings designed by Ken Winners and now features in the Ventis D/LAB range, a wing that truly pushes the limits.

Premium Aluula material is used for all leading edges and slats. Combined with the elegance of the 3-slat design, this material results in a stiff and lightweight frame offering unrivaled performance in light winds. The Ventis D/LAB offers a light, responsive and impressive lift that will get you off the ground without having to pump too much.

Its light and responsive 3-slat Aluula frame allowed designer Ken Winner to reduce the ears of the wing to minimize wind resistance and thus obtain 7 and 8 meter wings that are easy to use and accessible, even for riders. small and less experienced.

The two additional slats help increase performance and create a highly effective canopy profile all the way to the ears, increasing lift and power across the entire wing surface, with canopy tension, flight stability and optimal depower.

Efficiency and performance in very light winds were the key words when designing the Ventis D/LAB. This is why we combined the Aluula leading edge and slats with a ripstop canopy weighing only 50g, with emphasis placed on the threading orientation of each panel to ensure that the large surface area canopy remains as light as possible, while still providing optimal performance and responsiveness.

The Ventis D/LAB is equipped with a longer carbon front handle for less effort steering when riding with one hand. The profile of the central strut works in unison with the ergonomics of the handles, providing a more comfortable angle for your hands and a straighter rear arm, for longer and more comfortable sessions on the water.

The Ventis D/LAB represents the best of the best in light wind performance, with its incomparable responsiveness, lightness, lift and power for an experience that will completely transform your light wind sessions.

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