Wing Set Aero Glide SLS

By Duotone
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The Aero Glide range completes our collection with highly efficient high aspect ratio designs offering unlimited glide, high downwind and pumping performance, all crossed with surprising liveliness and playful handling on a wing of such size .

As its name suggests, the Aero Glide is designed to glide long distances effortlessly. Our four smallest sizes, from the fast and agile 725 to the largest 1305, presented in spring 2023, received a very favorable reception. Their subtle blend of performance, their accessible glide, their control and their maneuverability have won over riders.

All these wings have an aspect ratio of approximately 9.5. With a focus on efficiency, speed and low drag, they like to be ridden in an engaging manner and are suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. Once in flight, the Aero Glide wings are very intuitive to fly thanks to their predictable behavior.

In 2024, we are adding two big sisters to the Aero Glide family, the 130 cm wide 1595 with an AR of 10.6 and the pump-oriented 2145, with a wingspan of 143 cm and an AR of 9.6.

The 1595 is ideal for getting started in downwind. This wing will help you take off and connect the smallest undulations thanks to its incredible glide. The 1595 has the same fast, low-drag profile and overall character as the smaller Glide wings. It also works great for pumping in light winds.

The 2145 is a dockstart wing, we developed it with a thicker profile and its own outline, with a very low stall speed for the easiest possible dock starts and making pumping on flat water accessible to everyone.

Our mast/fuselage configuration is one of the strongest systems on the market and we are proud to translate this stable and predictable behavior to large wings.

All Glide wings are complemented by our high performance Stabilizer P, available in 165, 180, 200 and the new 220 for the largest sizes in the Glide range.

Whether you are a fan of downwinds, pumping, tracking the slightest swell in Prone or you are simply looking for a fast Foil which provides effortless driving, generating low drag and high efficiency, whether you practice Wing or Windsurfing, you should try the Aero Glide!


Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges.

The P series is synonymous with performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they produce more lift while being smaller in area. This allowed us to reduce drag and increase maneuverability without losing the high-speed control that our foils are known for.

The P stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165 / 180 / 200 / 220. Each of them has been fine-tuned to fit our new front fenders perfectly. These new stabilizers are almost completely flat and have lost the winglets found on our other range: the Stabilizers C. These changes have allowed us to free up the sensations in turns, which spices up the behavior of our new front wings.

Our new thin wedges allow you to modify the angle of attack of your stabilizer in increments of +/- 0.3 degrees, in order to take full advantage of the conditions of the day or to adapt your foil to your style.

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