Wing Set Aero Free SLS

By Duotone
SKU: 42240-3703

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The Aero Free: a real Swiss army knife!

The three new large wing sizes 1500, 1750 and 2000 are perfect for beginner to intermediate practitioners thanks to their early planing, their stability in flight and their good top speed. They are ideal for rapid progress.

The three smaller sizes 800, 1000 and 1250, which have been on the market for a year, have established themselves as high-performance, versatile wings.

The Aero Free range sits between the new Glide and Carve 2.0 ranges in terms of glide and handling. The Aero Free wings feature a slightly higher aspect ratio than the new Carve 2.0, but a different profile and outline, aiming more for a good mix of maneuverability, glide, pumping and ease of use general.

Aero Free covers all disciplines, from Wing to Prone, including SUP and Windsurf. As its name suggests, this wing which is not dedicated to a specific discipline, is comfortable on all bodies of water and in all practices, whether you are freeride, freestyle, freerace, surf or downwind. . With an aspect ratio between 6.0 for the largest 2000 wing and 7.3 for the smallest (800 cm2), these front wings are the ones you need, from learning the basics to downsizing. wing and improving your mastery of foiling in a variety of conditions, from flat water rides to jumps, surfing or downwinding.

With their playful outline and low-drag profile, these wings are exciting and fast, while remaining easy to handle and control. There are no conditions in which they are not comfortable!


In recent years, our range of C stabilizers have proven their perfect match with all our front fenders.

They are what one might call a "traditional" approach, with a moderate aspect ratio, flat in the center, transitioning into a discreet fin at the wingtip. A tried and tested design that works perfectly with our Aero Free SLS and Aero Lift SLS front fenders.

C Series stabilizers are all about control. They allow you to maintain a clean and precise trajectory. While they excel at maintaining stable flight, they are also smooth enough to turn smoothly and be responsive in waves.

Our new thin wedges allow you to modify the angle of attack of your stabilizer in increments of +/- 0.3 degrees, in order to take full advantage of the conditions of the day or to adapt your foil to your style.

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