Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB

By Duotone
SKU: 42240-3829

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Our sharpest front fenders yet!

To minimize drag and weight, we decided to merge the front wing to the front half of the fuselage. This eliminates any compromise regarding the design of the front wing and its adaptation to the fuselage support. This also removes the three bolts required to attach the SLS front wings to the fuselages, further reducing drag and weight.

The Carve 2.0 D/LAB, like their SLS variant, are very different from the previous range. Lighter under the feet, they are also more flexible in terms of pitch management, which allows you to switch from heel to toe supports in a much more natural way to perform turns. Thanks to a thinner profile towards the ends of the wing and a higher aspect ratio, the Carve 2.0 D/LAB benefit from an increased top speed, a glide and a much greater ease of pumping than the previous model.

The Carve 2.0 D/LAB range is based on the Carve 2.0 SLS range but with some small modifications. The aspect ratio is slightly lower and the profile a little thinner and faster than on the SLS range, to allow these wings to be pushed at higher speeds, whether going down fast waves, launching the most technical freestyle figures or even use them for Wing Foil or Kite Foil in racing.

The range also comes in two smaller sizes, the 650 and 500, but does not include the larger 1430 found in the SLS range.

The D/LAB range finally consists of two carbon rear wing options of 37 cm and 43 cm, corresponding respectively to the lengths of our AL 3BS fuselages of 60 cm and 66 cm, depending on whether we are looking for a more character. free and fun or better control at the highest speeds.

The Carve 2.0 D/LAB are the ideal choice for experienced riders looking for performance above all else.


Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges.

The P series is synonymous with performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they produce more lift while being smaller in area. This allowed us to reduce drag and increase maneuverability without losing the high-speed control that our foils are known for.

The P stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165 / 180 / 200 / 220. Each of them has been fine-tuned to fit our new front fenders perfectly. These new stabilizers are almost completely flat and have lost the winglets found on our other range: the Stabilizers C. These changes have allowed us to free up the sensations in turns, which spices up the behavior of our new front wings.

Our new thin wedges allow you to modify the angle of attack of your stabilizer in increments of +/- 0.3 degrees, in order to take full advantage of the conditions of the day or to adapt your foil to your style.

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