Aero Tail Fuselage D/LAB

By Duotone
SKU: 42240-3828

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Our D/Lab carbon tails are the rear part of the fuselage which fit onto our new Carve 2.0 D/LAB front wings.

Once connected by the “invisible” M6 bolt, they could fool you into thinking that our glider was actually one single carbon part. The unique trick is our clever design which hides under the mast, the bolt used to connect the tail part with the front wing. By doing this, we are able to eliminate the traditional extra bolt heads which are exposed on all our competitor's foils with similar semi glider concepts.

The D/Lab tails are available in two lengths. A shorter 37cm piece, which once connected to a front wing is the equivalent of our 60cm fuselage, and a longer 43cm piece, which matches the 66cm fuselage.

Pick the 37 tail for a more exciting ride and the possibility to draw tighter turns or settle for the 43 tail for more control at high speeds.

The carbon construction of the D/Lab tails not only guarantees a hassle-free maintenance, but the strong connection to the front wing via two M8 plus one M6 bolt ensures that the complete assembly is as stiff as a single part glider, such as the ones found on our Daytona foils.

Fuselage Aero Tail not included - please order separately

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