KT Drifter 4 Carbon Foilboard - 14L-56L

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KT Drifter 4 Carbon Foilboard - 14L-56L - 4'6" x 18.5" Vol:28L est en rupture de stock et sera envoyé dès qu'il sera disponible

From KT

Effortless and intuitive foiling, adapted for even more glide and stability.

The bottom shape flows from displacement at the front into double concave into the bevel tail. This unique bottom shape, combined with a slightly longer length and narrower outline helps the water flow effortlessly along the waterline of the board. The Drifter 4 Carbon is more stable and has more glide than ever with more maneuverability to carve and jump as hard as you dare. Now in its 4th generation, the tail has a more radical bevel for clearance and maneuverability. The Drifter 4 Carbon comes in a huge range of sizes from 14 to 170 liters. Great for electric foil assist.

  • Revolutionary Seamless Form KT Technology, all new ultra faithful representation of the original shape, more precise than conventional CNC or mold process.
  • Carbon Monocoque, connecting the deck carbon stance area with the bottom carbon foil track area, via vertical struts, for ultimate structural cohesion.
  • Full S-Glass Hull for fast response, lively flex and supreme durability
  • US track boxes: 2x 13”
  • All new MFC ® footstraps, including Adjustable V-Strap on select models.
Package Includes:
  • Board
  • 3x MFC Footstraps
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