Cayo Guillermo

A journey to learn

No confirmed date for winter 2023-2024. Call 450-671-5650 for more information.
No confirmed date for winter 2023-2024. Call 450-671-5650 for more information.


A winter destination of choice for lovers of water sports in an idyllic setting.

With its shallow sandy waters and its mild tropical temperature, Cayo Guillermo is an ideal place to learn the sport of Kitesurfing or Wingfoil. The warm and constant wind facilitates progressive and safe learning. For the more advanced, incredible “flat water spots” await you in the mangroves. Save yourself from winter and come play in the water with us!

Cayo Guillermo

We usually organize our trips at the Iberostar Daiquiri located in Cayo Guillermo.

This all-inclusive is located directly on the kite spot with rooms that can be less than 100 meters from the beach. All at a very affordable price.

Call us to discuss pricing

Kite and Wingfoil Lessons

Shallow sand bottom and stable wind: Take advantage of ideal conditions to progress as quickly and safely as possible.

Prices :

  • Wingfoil | Kitesurfing: $120 per hour
  • 6 hours of lessons and more: $100 per hour

Call us at 450 671-5650


If you want to improve, if you need some advice to unlock new moves or if you want to learn how to use a surfboard, a wing or a hydrofoil, here is the perfect trip to evolve and progress.

Rate :

  • $50 / 30 mins

To rent out

Rent complete equipment for the duration of your vacation or rent by the day/hour according to your needs.

Prices :

  • Complete kitesurfing or wingfoil equipment: $500 per week

Other prices:

  • Complete kitesurfing or wingfoil equipment: $100 per day
  • Kitesurf board: $30 per day

Démo 2023-2024

Intermediate and advanced level enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to try out the new 2023 products. Dozens of kites, wings, hydrofoils and boards to test.

The trip includes

  • Accommodation
  • The possibility of trying DEMOS kites, boards, surfboards, foils and wings**
  • On the water: Advice and supervision.
  • A repair service for minor breakages.
  • Rental equipment for beginners taking lessons ($500/week), or to help out in the event of breakage.
  • Safety clinics, autonomous takeoffs and landings.

Questions ?

Call us at 450 671-5650

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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